Manuel Raven

Born 1979, Frankfurt, DE
Lives and works in Frankfurt

Education 2010 - 2014, Städelschule, Frankfurt, DE


Breasts Like a Beast, Ongoing
Städelschule Merch, 2016
You Won a Maserati, 2015
For Your Eyes Only, 2012/13
S-Klasse Taxi, 2012
Breasts Like a Beast

Manuel Raven

Andreas Diefenbach, Kopie #3 (After Before), 2016, spraypaint, photocopy

Hilda Stammarnäs, Kopie #2, 2015, marker, pencil, acrylic

Moritz Grimm, Kopie #1, 2015, marker, pencil

Will Benedict, Breasts Like a Beast, 2009, acrylic
Städelschule Merch

Manuel Raven

Totebag, 2016, totebag

Notepad, 2016, notepad

Pencil, 2016, pencil
You Won a Maserati

Hilda Stammarnäs, Manuel Raven
13.10. - 20.10.2015
Neue Mainzer Strasse 22, Frankfurt

Stopped Beating, 2015, brown clay

Let's Have Dinner Alone, 2015, grey clay

Remember Everyone, 2015, cloth, wallpaper, marker, oil, acrylic, spray paint
For Your Eyes Only

Ana Vogelfang, Anna Zacharoff, Inga Danysz, Manuel Raven
16.11.2012 - 16.11.2013
McKinsey & Company, Frankfurt

Shadows, 2012, cardboard, wall paint, fat

Notes, 2012, cardboard, spray paint, ball pen

Flip charts, 2012, steel, marble, grout
S-Klasse Taxi

Manuel Raven
Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2

S-Klasse Taxi, 2012, Mercedes S-Klasse Taxiausstattung, white pedestal